Who am I?

"...the last 20 years have seen me 'lost' in Nepal, China, Malaysia, and Indonesia and I've hitchhiked both through Southern and Eastern Africa, dived in the Yucutan peninsula of Mexico and journeyed down the eastern coast of Australia.  Living in the United States, road trips were a must and I also found time to journey to India, China and Central America..."

What I'm Reading

"In 1997, I was poking around in second-hand bookstores, looking for good reads to take with me on a trip to East Africa.  I stumbled upon a dog-eared copy of Michael Crighton's 'Travels' and purchased it for $1.25.  Little did I know that it would become one of my favourite books and that I'd re-read it so many times that, finally, I'd have to go out and buy a new copy, 18 years later..."


"I was walked down a long, narrow corridor, at the bottom of which was a door with bars.  Sick with anticipation, I willed them to keep walking on.  They stopped, and one unlocked the door.  With a rough shove, the other pushed me inside. It was a cell.  A small damp cell with thick walls and nothing but a tiny window at the top of one wall.."