Little Istanbul meets Hipster Central - Neukölln in pictures

Little Istanbul meets hipster central it's a few shots I captured on a Friday morning walk around parts of NeuKolln...

1. Hexagon balconies - I loved these, particularly because they were nothing like any other architecture I've seen in Berlin to date.


2. SchillerBar - grungy and grafitti-ridden, it has a certain charm and I can imagine it packed with locals and tourists in the summer...


3. White facades and wrought iron balconies - Who wouldn't live in a building like this?  No wonder property prices are rocketing in this part of Berlin.


4, Mainzer Strasse - I love these kinds of shots...altbau style meets rounded lamp meets winter blue sky...


5. Vegan Wrap - It's not often I walk past a Turkish takeaway and stop and stare.  Being a vegetarian, Doner Kebabas are not my thing but the vegan wrap I ate here was delicious.


6. Cheery colours - Berlin's winters are terribly long an incredibly dreary.  On the day I took this shot, the sky happened to be an azure blue and, with the orange coloured housing facade in the forefront, really put a smile on my face.


7. Grafitti - What is the Berlin Hipster Song anyway?


8. Assault on the Eyes - I love the cheery colours of this building but I'm not sure I could face living here and being confronted by this much colour each morning.


9. Turkish fare - On the main streets, every other eatery is Turkish.  The food is simple, delicious and usually very cheap...


10, FrauenRaume - I like the idea of a space just for meet, talk, share, and get organised.  I'm really glad something like this exists in Berlin.