Street Art, Florentin Style - Tel Aviv Graffiti in Pictures

Following on from my last post, I thought I'd showcase here a few of my favourite photos taken in Florentin, which is definitely Israel's street art hotspot.  Whilst graffiti is actually illegal in Israel, in practice the powers that be in Tel Aviv turn a blind eye to it.  Walking around the neighbourhood you'll notice how much of the artwork you see if painted on the gates and doors of businesses.  Most of the artists are anonymous but a trained eye can spot signature pieces, according to themes.  Edgy, creative and often very provocative, enjoy the wildlife, cubes and even Alice in Wonderland on your Florentin wanderings...

1. "What large eyes you have..."


2. "Pointy teeth and orange hair..."

3. "Blue bird..."

4. "Graceful girl meets the devil...."

5. "Kiss me before it blows up"

6. "Spray me..."

7. "Guess who joined the party?"

8. "Juicy aubergines..."

9. "Pink ears..."

10. "Owl perched on a tree..."

11. "Wish you were here."