Tel Aviv's Dizengoff Street in pictures

It's a beautiful Autumn day and I'm out and about on the street where I live - Dizengoff Street that is.  Dizengoff is the heart of Tel Aviv, lively, bustling and full of character.  Stretching all the way from Ha Bimah, the city's national theatre, to the Namal (the Port), you could wander here leisurely and lose all track of time,  And with its endless cafes, bauhaus buildings and quirky stores, what's not to like?

The juice stand on the corner of Ben Gurion - always packed!

The '10 shekel store' between Gordon and Frishman - great for the thrifty.

The lazy, naked guy statue, letting it all hang out...

'Spicehaus' - a concept bar for cocktail lovers, with a window display of undergarments...!

"Take my hand."  Two men walking, arm in arm.  Isn't life better when you can share?

'Keton' restaurant - in business even before the State of Israel came into being, and famous for it's Eastern European delicacies (try the chopped liver...)

The quirky pink antiques store, near the corner of Jabotinsky - and I especially love the roses!

The fabulous 'Hotel Cinema' bauhaus building, on the corner of Zamenhof, restored to perfection.

Juice bar, complete with vinyl turntable and Levantine head dress..

Tel Aviv is a city set up for cyclists...and there are bikes on every street corner.

Street art that accosts the eyes!

Dizengoff is full of local florists - and I love them all!

'Ligori' between Arlozorov and Jabotinsky - wonderful wines and cheeses make this an excellent place to linger...