Maybe it's Because I'm a Londoner...(that I love London Town)

I'm back in my hometown and it's been a while.  There's going to be so much to write about - so very much - in fact I don't know quite where to begin.  So whilst I gather my thoughts, I thought I'd devote this post to some of my favourite shots, taken in different corners of London, in the last ten years.  And in whichever part of the globe I'm wandering, I only have to look at them to feel pangs of nostalgia...

The Great Court, British Museum, Bloomsbury

Houseboat on the Canal at Camden Town

Iconic tube sign at Oxford Circus underground station

Pale green shutters on cottage windows, Hampstead Heath

Chinatown, West End

Marble 'Art Deco' staircase at Tate Britain, Pimlico

Deckchairs at the Serpentine, Hyde Park

City skyline, as seen from the the south bank of the River Thames

Peggy Porschen Cakes, Belgravia

London Eye, Waterloo

The Eye at Waterloo.jpg