Me and My Leica: Manchester - by Roy Katzenberg

I spent a weekend in Manchester last month, seeing my son and taking yet another Street Art tour.  In the main, this took us through the slowly-gentrifying Northern Quarter of Manchester.  All photos below were taken there.

1. Guilty


Nightclub in the Northern Quarter.  Beneath such fine clothes beats the heart of a thief?

2. The Poor Bank


Street art paste-up.

3. My Favourite Beatle


He was my favourite Beatle too...!

4. Un-What?


I suppose that, once upon a time, this was United Footwear.  Now it's simply fearless.

5, No Buts


Taken outside the National Football Museum.  I waited half an hour to get this particularly shot.

6. On the Sixth Day...


And after he had created man he said, "No more. This has been a mistake"