Me and My Leica: Budapest - by Roy Katzenberg

I spent a few days in Budapest last month, trying to see alternative parts of the city.  Most of the pictures taken here were taken on a street art tour.

1. Stalin's Boots


Stalin's boots are all that remains of his statue, after the 1956 uprising in Hungary. His statue was cut off at the top of the boots and then destroyed. Following the fall of communism in the late 1980's/early 1990's, all of the communist statues in Hungary were taken down, and a few have resurfaced in Memento Park in Buda. The city of Budapest has no memory of communism and the current leaders have excessive political power. The official memorial to the Holocaust is accompanied by an informal protest one, reminding visitors that the Hungarians were also at fault. 

Momento Park is home to around 20 statutes of communist leaders, including Lenin, Marx and Engels (incidentally, all Jewish).

2. Alexandro


Alexandro was our guide on an alternative 'Street Art' tour of Budapest.  Note the crocodile piano in the background, echoing his expression.

3. Face


This is the entrance to a restaurant that we passed on our Street Art tour.  No time to go in.

4. Finger Food


I've heard of eating finger food but this....?

Fingers is another restaurant passed on our Street Art tour.

5. Worker's Statue


Once again, taken in Momento Park.  This way out in Buda, on the other side of the Danube, and is both a metro and a bus ride away.  There was hardly anyone there when we arrived...but I'm glad we made the long journey out there.